Other Writing

In my past life, I wrote and published on the history of ideas. If you’re curious about anything here, drop me a line!

Jesuit Science and the End of Nature's Secrets

(Routledge, 2015)
“Through a series of case studies on ontology, demonology, magnetism and the occult, Mark A. Waddell presents a clear and ordered discourse on hidden causes.”
–  Hannah Murphy, Oriel College, Oxford University

Magic, Science, and Religion in Early Modern Europe

(Cambridge University Press, 2021)
“An enchanting, yet eminently accessible, tour of the magical and mysterious in European thought from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. The real wizardry is how Waddell masterfully explains the uniqueness of early modern views of magic, religion and nature, while emphasizing the profound links between this past and our present.”
–  Matthew James Crawford, Kent State University